What happens after the dinner?

Am I responsible for keeping the conversation going? Or taking action? 


As a host, your main role is in setting a date, a time and location for strangers and friends to gather together to talk about the Beloved Community. At the dinner, we provide you with a question guide with prompts and questions that guide the conversation, with one person speaking at a time. The third question generally moves into empathetic action, and guests will start thinking about what they can do to make the current situation better. This inevitably leads to desire for action, either as individuals or as a group. It's not the responsibility of the host to keep the group together or organize a follow-up. After the dinner, all guests and the host will receive an email from Civic Dinners asking for feedback on the dinner conversation and a menu of actions which they can take. Those who wish to take action will be provided next steps. The most common request after a dinner is for the host to provide contact information for all guests, which is certainly available through the Civic Dinners platform. 

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