How should I invite guests?

How do people find out about my dinner?


Civic Dinners are designed to be inclusive and we prefer to have dinners that have a mix of both strangers and friends or acquaintances to make for an interesting conversation. We empower hosts with the responsibility of creating diverse tables, but diversity can mean demographic diversity (race, age, sex, location) or ideological diversity (conservative, liberal, religious, atheist) or socioeconomic diversity (student, retiree, CEO, working class). Until our diverse tables algorithm is ready for testing we rely on both the host and the platform for bringing people together. You can invite people by posting your dinner on Facebook, on Twitter, or printing out an invite and posting in your local coffee shop, student dorm room or by the water cooler at your office. And by posting your dinner on our platform, people searching for a dinner in your area will be able to see it and rsvp. 

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