About Civic Dinners


We believe we need safe spaces for civil discourse now more than ever before. As tensions build across polarized and fragmented groups, we need a way of coming together to find common ground and better understand all sides of an issue. When we gather in small groups, break bread together, and share stories face-to-face, we have the power to break down barriers and build greater compassion and empathy for others. 

Civic Dinners is about creating space for everyone to be heard. It’s not about hearing experts talk. It’s an invitation for people to participate in a community conversation that requires they engage as active citizens. And it’s about inviting diverse voices to the table, asking big questions, listening, and discovering new possibilities. 

Our goal is to make significant issues more personal, accessible and actionable to everyday citizens. And by doing so, we hope to create more engaged, compassionate and active citizens around the world, at a time when we need them more than ever. 



The Civic Dinners platform makes it easy for hosts to plan dinners, invite guests, lead the conversation and capture key ideas, stories and possibilities from attendees. The experience alone is transformational. By answering big questions, we become more accountable, more committed, more vulnerable, more intimate and more connected to each other.



  • Host organizes the dinner (restaurant, home, potluck or set menu)

  • Host either invites guests or guests join through civicdinners.com

  • Diverse voices at the table ensure a variety of fresh perspectives

  • Host welcomes, sets the tone and guides a structured conversation  

  • Generous questions open minds to new ways of thinking & sharing

  • Equal time is given for each participants to share, one at a time

  • Inclusive and imaginative dialogue helps build positive relationships

  • Afterwards, guests are invited to share key insights and take action

  • Common values and new ideas are captured and documented






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