Healthy discussion around issues was the backbone of our democracy. But our face-to-face time has largely been replaced by Facebook feeds and we're less likely to be friends with or interact with people not like us. The well-documented echo chambers of Google and Facebook prove that the stories we see and hear on a daily basis largely reflect back our own existing ideas about the world. This can breed isolation, fear and distrust for “the other.” 

Thankfully, as humans, we crave meaningful connection. And many are hungry to engage with others and take action.


With Civic Dinners, we make it easy for people to gather over food to have conversations that matter.


Sharing food fulfills a deep human need for connection — both biologically and culturally. Breaking bread helps us break down silos and build new bridges. When our basic human needs for sustenance, safety and community are met, we’re in an ideal state to open our hearts and minds to others. 

We believe that by bringing people together around food and providing a simple framework for meaningful conversation, we can rekindle community—even among strangers—and make significant issues more personal, accessible and actionable for everyone. Our purpose is to make it fun and easy for any individual around the world to bring people together, have powerful conversations that matter, and lead the positive social change they wish to see in their own community. 








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